Houses available for rent in a private residential
Ilfov, România
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New furnished houses available for long-term rent

15 km from Bucharest

“My Corbeanca” - with care for everyone

Stylish and cozy




Service and technical support

Types of houses for rent

Модель 114 114 m2

Model 114

3 bedrooms

1 living room

Underfloor heating

Fully furnished

High ceilings 2.9 m

Fully equipped kitchen

Fiber optic internet

2 parking places

€ 1,000 /month

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Модель 121 121 m2

Model 121

3 bedrooms

1 living room

Underfloor heating

Fully furnished

High ceilings 2.9 m

Fully equipped kitchen

Fiber optic internet

2 parking places

€ 1,000 /month

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Our foundation principles are equality and safety, mutual respect, and quality of service

90 homes ready for long-term living, ready to welcome you right now

Health clinics, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, shopping centers,
cafes, park and the forest - all under 15 minutes away from the Complex

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Салон красоты

Corbeanca, Str. Praga 10, 077068, Romania

The advantages of renting a house in our Complex:



You are secure for the future, renting from the Developer and Owner: a Company interested in developing the business for the future, focused exclusively on premium rentals


Records and Domicile

You can register companies at your rental address, register it as your residence for a residence permit, or set up your self- employment address


Good neighbors

«My Corbeanca» is a friendly community of over 400 people, already living in over 170 houses



The Complex employs video surveillance and is patrolled nightly by a professional security firm


Ease of Access

The travel time will be significantly reduced through the ring road and radial roads currently under construction


An interior for you

«My Corbeanca» allows you to alter the interior of your home and install additional appliances, after approval from the Administration

About the Complex

There are 192 modern single-level houses in the «My Corbeanca» Complex, 90 of them designed for long-term renting. We are located 20 minutes from the north of Bucharest. «My Corbeanca» was started in 2018 and is built upon decades of professional experience accumulated by the Developers Mac Capital Properties and Efect Capital.

The advantage of «My Corbeanca» is its proximity to Bucharest and the infrastructure developed around it. But most importantly, we always take care of our customers. We strive to fully meet all the needs of our residents and have a high level of empathy to understand your needs and expectations

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Frequently asked questions

Are there any additional payments besides rent?

Maintenance, like utilities (water, electricity, heating, gas, internet) are paid separately, depending on consumption. On average, the bill reaches 150 EUR/month in summer and up to 300 EUR/month in winter

What exactly do you mean by a friendly community?

We are not looking for tenants, we are primarily looking for people who thrive in the community of «My Corbeanca», which is our defining difference between us and other developers. If the tenant does not get along with his neighbors, behaves antisocially, then their contract can be terminated

Is it possible to rent a house for a week or a month?

The houses in «My Corbeanca» are only available for long-term rentals of more than 6 months

What to do if something breaks in the house?

No problem. Write us or call us and we will fix everything as soon as possible. If you have caused damage through negligence, then everything will be repaired, but you will have to pay for the repair

Can we negotiate the price?

Negotiation is not possible, because we offer you a fair and low price from the beginning (relative to the investment made by us and the services offered)

Are pets allowed?

Dogs, cats, parrots, fish - you can bring them with you. Exceptions are aggressive dogs of fighting breeds, as well as dangerous and exotic animals such as snakes. In any case, before bringing animals, you must obtain our permission

Can changes be made to the interior?

Yes, sure. Changes can be made to the interior of the house in accordance with your wishes and with our prior agreement. We will make the changes at your expense. We can also install an air conditioner, install a garden shed or enclose your patio. We will work to fulfil any request within reason

What are the technical specifications of the house?

Concrete foundation complying with legal requirements, brick walls (Porotherm), reinforced concrete pillars and beams, 2.9 meter high ceilings, wooden structure roof, Lindab sheet cladding. Termopan pane windows and top quality Salamander frames, gas heating boiler, underfloor heating

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